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This range includes some of our original, convenient and advanced GMP whole natural protein formula.  Great tasting products such as BUILD, BETTERMILKCOMPLETE protein bars, GLYTACTIN RTD, GLYTACTIN RTD Lite

Our PKU products are manufactured in the USA and available across Australia.  These products are reimbursed on prescription and subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for Australians with PKU.

GLYTACTIN was the world’s first PKU protein formula that is made from a natural whole protein.  This protein is called Glycomacropeptide (GMP), is derived from whey and it is the only naturally occurring protein that does not contain Phenylalanine (Phe) in its pure form. Given the natural absence of Phe, this unique protein makes it ideal for the PKU diet.  The formulae are specifically designed for PKU with GMP and some added essential amino acids.

Our character

Cortex Health is an Australian based distributor of highly specialised medical foods and products.

Our background was built in medical research, patient support initiatives and commercialisation within the local environment for the Australian & NZ community.

Est. 2013, Cortex Health was the first company in Australia to introduce glycomarcopeptide (GMP) for PKU which has now become synonymous with high quality formula for children (ages 1+) and adults. Our product range has now expanded and we are dedicated to those with rare or complex conditions by providing some of the most advanced medical nutrition available worldwide.

We aim to provide the highest level of support and service.