KetoVie 4:1 Chocolate

KetoVie 4:1 Chocolate

KetoVie 4:1 helps simplify your everyday with a liquid ketogenic formula that contains a blend of key nutrients to address many of the challenges we face on ketogenic diets.

Key features:-

  • Nutritionally complete
  • Contains DHA
  • Trans fat free
  • Blend of insoluble and soluble fibers
  • 100% Whey based protein to improve GI tolerance
  • 20% of calories from Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) shown to boost ketosis and may have a laxative effect to help manage constipation
  • 50mg Carnitine per 250mL serve and 22µg Selenium per 250mL serve to help prevent deficiency
  • Citrate buffers added to prevent Acidosis
  • Bone Health Blend
  • Two great flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate

For nutritional information download the pdf:


   Datasheet pdf KetoVie® 4:1 Chocolate

Prescribing info:-
To be used under medical supervision for epilepsy. Always use KetoVie as directed by your physician or dietitian.
Available on the PBS as a Restricted Benefit prescription. KetoVie 4:1 (Chocolate or Vanilla) 30 x 250ml, Max quantity 6, Repeats 5.


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