About Us

Where Nutritional Excellence Meets Customer Satisfaction—Cortex Health is your one-stop solution for high-quality, low-protein foods and PKU supplies.

Our character

Cortex Health, is a locally based distributor of highly specialised medical products and medical foods. Our background is in medical research, patient support initiatives and commercialisation within the local environment for the Australian & NZ community.

Since 2013, Cortex was the first company in Australia to introduce glycomarcopeptide (GMP) for PKU which has now become synonymous with high quality formula for children (1+) and adults alike. Now our product ranges has expanded and dedicated to those with rare or complex conditions that can derive clinical benefit from some of the most advanced medical formula available worldwide. Our intent is to be a partner to the clinicians who manage these conditions and provide the highest level of support/service to patients and carers

At present, our Australian range includes world-leading formula for phenylketonuria (PKU), tyrosinemia (TYR), ketogenic diet therapy, and severe protein allergy formulas. As well as Ketovie Cafe foods and Low Protein Food. These are sourced from expert companies in the USA and Japan. Our partner & supplier in the USA, Cambrooke Therapeutics, part of the Ajinomoto group of companies, share of passion to develop & provide unique medical formulae.

Our philosophy is simple… Focus on the Patient, Focus on the Medicine

Our goal is to do what’s right for any of these patients and add value where we can.

Our Mission & Aim

Our Mission is to provide access to products that were previously out of reach for many Australians & New Zealanders and to be a partner to the clinics which manage them.
We aim to provide world-leading formula

  • that is specifically designed to help patients with rare conditions,
  • that are nutritionally complete and taste great.
  • through Government approval channels
  • Provide other everyday foods to help support the patient holistically
  • Our Advisory Board

    Dr David Tognarini


    Dr Sherif Youssef


    Mr Joe Baini


    Mr Richard Bowen


    Dr Warwick Tong


    Our Exceptional Team

    Ashley McBey

    Administration and Customer Support

    Karina Kayanan

    Product Specialist and Health Program Liaison

    Liana Keys

    Administration and Customer Support

    Louise Nicholson

    Administration and Customer Support